Dyna-Gro Seed

My Role

The Problem

Brand Advocacy
Brand Alignment
Brand Activation
Brand Integration

Agency Collaboration
Print Collateral
Logo Design
Color Theory
Asset Management

Dyna-Gro Seed, a seed retailer for Nutrien Ag Solutions, had no visual branding or creative strategy. I was asked to provide logo options for Dyna-Gro Seed and help with the visual direction. 


I was able to provide logo options, iconography, and visual direction for Dyna-Gro Seed. 

The Story

I designed several directions for logos and visual but ultimately the rebrand was sent to one of our agency partners. I was able to continue working with the agency in direction and provide them with iconography I had created for crops. I was further able to work with the marketing specialist to educate the team on the brand and provide visuals and guidelines as well.


These are several logos concepts and visualizations I provided for the Dyna-Gro rebrand.


The above brochure and seed bags were designed by our agency partner, but the icons were provided by me. The icons are integrated into multiple assets across the brand. Often times a creative piece could involve many partners and contributors.


Integrating assets and creating new assets can be a challenge when collaborating with two outside agencies as well as the internal stakeholders and marketing team. Above are some examples of early creative color and icon strategy for the branding of Dyna-Gro. The images also show how the brands work and flow together once both are developed.

With the style guide created I created several assets with the new branding elements. Above are some examples of real-world application on trucks as well as our traincars. Truck wraps were a common asset I helped create, as Nutrien Ag Solutions owns one of the largest fleet of vehicles in the country!