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Ice Cream Plant Identity Design

The Situation

My Role

Ice Cream Plant was born out of the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy exceptional ice cream. Their tagline "Ice Cream for Everyone" was their guiding path. The business owner needed literally everything to grow a brand identity. I still remember the napkin he drew a rough sketch of the logo on as a starting point for my journey.


I was reached out to at the inception of this small family owned business. I designed the logo to start, and then began exploring branding and packing. Over the years I've designed loads of collateral including shirts, print materials, signs, environmental graphics and much more!

The Story

Ice Cream Plant blossomed from a small business to a full scale operation spanning Michigan. Ice Cream Plant is now available in 50+ stores and restaurants across the state.  I am proud to have contributed to a growing company and the identity that is familiar to many.

Identity Design
Packaging Design
Environmental Design
Print Collateral
Logo Design
Color Theory
Apparel Design